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Have you wondered how to make your outdoor Virginia wedding more enjoyable for your guests when there's a chill in the air? We've discovered something guests love:  a fire pit!  Our propane fire pit is located on the covered deck.  Check out the rainy-day video on our facebook page showing guests seated around it and having a good time.  When it's not in use, we put a lid on it and cover it with a tablecloth.  Voila!  Now it's a cocktail table! 


A recent online article by The Knot gave "30 Essential Wedding Planning Tips and Tricks."  It stated that the easiest way to trim your budget is to cut your guest  list.  True that!  If you're spending $50 per person for foods and drinks, deleting 10 guests saves you $500.  At Glen Garden, we have other ways to help you save $$, too!  Because we provide coordinator, sound system, drapes, swags, candle chandeliers, torches, table arrangements, aisle runner, cake stand, card cage, tables, chairs, linens, chair covers, sashes and more, you do not need to spend money on things you'll never use again. 


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In a recent issue of Richmond Bride, a featured bride came up with a creative alternative to the bouquet toss.  Instead of tossing her bouquet, the bride had someone read a letter she had written to the most influential woman in her life.  She then presented her bouquet to HER MOTHER.


Glen Garden weddings are unique in so many ways.  At the end of your wedding ceremony, after you've been pronounced "husband and wife," the two of you ring in the good news at the old farm bell.  As you exit, you're showered with bubbles by your guests.  If you think the latter is something only children will enjoy, you're wrong.  Put a bubble wand in grandpa's hand, and you may not get it back!


You might be familiar with a favorite expression of mine:  "Plan your work.  Work your plan."  I'm a big planner.  I believe in planning work and leisure.  Otherwise, one keeps encroaching on the other.  There have been times when we've cancelled our plans to accommodate yours.  It's okay.  Except when you call at the last minute to cancel; or, worse yet, just don't show. During garden wedding season, we try to schedule appointments on Thursday afternoons/evenings, and on Saturday mornings when we have a late wedding.  It's a plan that works.


Yes, I'm talking about the things that go on your feet.  Whether you're a guest or a bride, flip-flops are a great wedding shoe option at a garden wedding.  They're so comfortable on a variety of surfaces.  Of course, they wouldn't be suitable everywhere.  But they fit here.  In satin or rubber, with or without bling, they're sassy.  And fun.  And perfectly acceptable.  (Tell mom I said so!)


Rain!  That four-letter word!  I actually love rain.  It gives me an excuse for not picking up sticks, raking leaves, or mulching!  But I don't love rain on your wedding day.  What happens when it rains at Glen Garden?  Your wedding ceremony is moved to the covered deck, and we embellish it to look ceremonial.  Though it will never be as beautiful as a ceremony under the pergola, we do our best.  After the ceremony, you and your photographer can take photos in the rain with our white umbrellas.  After one rainy-day wedding, the groom approached me and said, "Our guests said it was the best wedding ever!"  Now I know that the best garden wedding doesn't include rain.  But with such a great attitude, that groom will be married for a very long time!


You are welcome to provide your own foods and beverages or hire a full-service caterer.  A lot of folks choose a middle road and hire a bbq establishment to come out, set up, serve, then pack up leftovers, and leave.  If you are not choosing a caterer who remains 'til the end of the event, you will need to designate someone to bus tables and get trash to the trashcans.


All are permitted here at Glen Garden.  All we ask is that folks drink responsibly.  If a driver has had too much to drink, he can catch a ride with another guest or call an Uber.  His vehicle may be left here until it can be picked up the next day.   


We're delighted to show folks around Glen Garden.  If you're considering a wedding here, you certainly want to make an appointment to visit and see what we're all about.  Sometimes you want to come without an appointment.  We understand how you feel.  You're excited. But when you come without an appointment, you risk interrupting someone else's appointment or (even worse) ceremony.  So please call or email before you come out.  And we'll do our best to give you our undivided attention when you're here.


Like most Southern gals, I know the importance of wearing pearls and of NOT wearing jeans EVERYWHERE.  But when faced with whether to spend money on a plant or get a manicure, the plant wins every time.  So why do I recommend that you have your hair and makeup professionally done on your wedding day?  Because IT'S YOUR WEDDING DAY!  On that day, there's no better place to put a few extra dollars than on YOU!  You will love the way you feel.  Your groom will love the way you look.  Sometimes it takes a professional to achieve that look that you might not wear any other day.


A recent bride surprised me when she said she'd heard that I didn't allow hair spray in the bride's dressing room.  What???  That would be like not allowing muck rakes in the barn.  (OK, not quite!)  Both are a necessity.  In fact, if you forget your hairspray, I'll be happy to loan you mine!  I always put bouquets in the armoire that's in the bride's dressing room so they don't get hair spray on them.  So if you're in a panic that your flowers might not have been delivered, check there.   


I have a friend who is multi-talented.  She plays piano, clarinet, bagpipes, and probably more instruments that I don't know about.  She and her friend have formed Shenandoah Winds, a delightful duo of flute and clarinet who perform a variety of popular and classical music.  Perfect for a garden ceremony.  And very reasonably priced (  Of course, you're also welcome to hire a DJ or (as most couples do out here) use our sound system.  


Yes, you read that correctly.  We welcome ring pups and flower pups out here.  We're animal lovers and welcome your pup out here to participate in your ceremony.  Because we've adopted a stray tuxedo kitty who tends to navigate the property during weddings, we request that your pup be leashed and under the care of someone who will be attentive to its needs. 


During a wedding that coincided with Independence Day, the bride had us decorate the chairs with our navy, ivory, and burgundy sashes.  She invited guests to wear their patriotism.  Most dressed in red, white and blue.  Some wore festive hats; others wore festive pins.  The bride added red, white and blue table decorations.  Everywhere you looked were reminders of our country's birthday.  The bride's dress was even white with a burgundy sash. It was really beautiful, and the guests seemed to enjoy getting into the spirit of the day.  


It's absolutely amazing to see the transformation in the male members of the bridal party during a ceremony.  At rehearsal they joke with their buddies to the point that it's sometimes hard to get their attention.  But once the ceremony begins, all dressed in vests or suits or tuxes, they walk ceremoniously from the covered deck to their positions under the pergola.  And then instead of just letting them stand there and look pretty, we put them to work.  As each bridesmaid approaches the steps leading down to the ceremony deck, a groomsman steps forward to assist.  The groom does the same for his bride.  Those guys take their roles seriously.  Looks like clothes really do make the groomsman!


Jubilee (aka Lee) is another animal we've adopted.  He's our black Tennessee Walker horse.  Jubilee is food aggressive due to having been starved by a prior owner.  Your bouquet and boutonniere may be tasty, and he'll move into your space to investigate that possibility.  If you're okay with that, you're welcome to have photos with him. 


Though I never rode in a stretch limousine until I was in my 50s, I understand why it's considered the preferred mode of transportation for a lot of events.  Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate them here at Glen Garden.  They cannot make the turnaround in front of the cottage.  In the past, they've pulled into our neighbor's driveway across the street (which isn't considerate), and then bottomed out on Hartwood Road while attempting to back down our driveway.  Town cars are a great option for couples who want to exit in style. 


Photo booths are popular nowadays.  Unfortunately, they take up a lot of space.  Because of that, they cannot be set up until after the ceremony out here.  And if it's a rainy day, they can't be set up at all.  An alternative might be to purchase popsicle-stick props (the kind you hold in front of your face).  Just put them in a basket & let guests grab them for photos. 


Last year several couples opted for a donut wall.  As with all sweet treats out here, guests loved it.  A magazine article I read a couple of years ago recommended deleting the cake (or other sweet) as a money-saving option! It said guests wouldn't care! WHAT?  I've never seen a wedding out here where guests didn't gobble up the sweets!


If you're planning a wedding for 50 or fewer people (that's 48 guests including the bridal party and children old enough to walk), we welcome you to Glen Garden.  We cannot comfortably accommodate more people.  If you think a relative whom you haven't seen in over a decade (and who lives clear across the country) won't accept your invitation to be a guest at your Virginia wedding, think again.  Lovers of history, the beach, the mountains, Williamsburg, and D.C. will gladly make the trip to not only celebrate with you at your wedding, but also to enjoy everything else the state has to offer.  Our state slogan says it all:  Virginia IS for Lovers! 


Many brides approach the big day feeling stressed to the point of wanting it all to be over.  In a recent wedding magazine, one bride said, "We decided not to have any attendants and just walk down the aisle side-by-side; it became just about the two of us making this journey together."  Isn't that what it's really all about?


On a TV program showcasing platinum ($1+ million) weddings, a newly married bride and groom were asked to describe their favorite wedding moment.  What do you think their answers were?  Walking into the reception and seeing $500,000 in flowers and lighting?  Cutting into their 7-tier cake?  Feasting on lobster and caviar with 300 of their closest friends?  NO!  Both the bride and groom agreed:  Their favorite moment was seeing the look on the other's face as the bride was walking down the aisle.  THE BEST PART OF THEIR WEDDING COST NOTHING AT ALL!


Sometimes brides choose to have a cupcake or candy table in lieu of a cake.  One bride festively displayed lace-like paper-covered cupcakes on tiered cake stands.  Candies were self-serve with little baggies which had custom stickers on them.  Very cute and creative.  But my favorite part of the whole table was the monogrammed table runner!  What a great keepsake from a special day!  (BTW, she even had matching aprons for her friends who were helping with the food!)  

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